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About The Interpreter

The Interpreter is published by the Lowy Institute, an independent, nonpartisan think tank based in Sydney. It publishes daily commentary and analysis on international events, and is edited by Daniel Flitton (Managing Editor) and Sam Hendricks (Deputy Editor), along with founding editor Sam Roggeveen (Director of Digital).

We seek a global audience, but our perspective is Australian. Like the Institute itself, The Interpreter has a strong commitment to analytic integrity. Its editorial stance is independent, non-partisan, and directed towards informing and deepening the debate about international policy.

The Interpreter is open to pitches from analysts and writers – we look for articles of up to 850 words, written for a broad audience interested in world affairs, yet not necessarily area specialists, so some background may be helpful. Please send an email to and if you’d like to contribute, after reviewing the Terms of Use.

Praise for The Interpreter:

  • James Fallows: '... The Interpreter, an excellent international policy blog/zine published by the Lowy Institute for International Policy.'
  • Walter Russell Mead: '...the Lowy Institute's remarkable Interpreter ...'
  • Steve Clemons: 'Down under, I also regularly read The Interpreter, which is associated with the Australia-based, Asia Pacific-focused Lowy Institute for International Policy. Their blogger is world class.'
  • Ross Gittins: 'This Lowy Institute blog runs useful comments on international economics by Mark Thirlwell and commentary on current international financial and economic issues by Stephen Grenville, as perceptive as the best you'll find in The Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times, but far more comprehensible.'
  • Annabel Crabb: 'Think tanks like the Lowy Institute, with its excellent Interpreter blog .. .now function as publishers.'
  • Mark Corcoran: 'Nor, during my years travelling for Foreign Correspondent, have I ever seen evidence that Stratfor's big corporate clients, who pay many thousands of dollars for their subscriptions, received insights they couldn't have gleaned if they were avid readers of Britain's Economist, the august US journal Foreign Affairs, or the excellent Australian foreign policy blog, The Interpreter.'
  • Respected maritime security blog Information Dissemination: '...the Lowy Institute Interpreter blog, which for those who don't know is the best blog in the southern hemisphere ...'
  • Christopher Joye: The Lowy Interpreter blog edited by the indefatigable Sam Roggeveen is the best of its kind across any academic discipline in Australia. Sam does an awesome job assembling a constellation of foreign affairs, defence and other related talent (present company excluded), including his own, to participate in this real-time clearing house for policy innovation.
  • Nitin Pai: Strategic commentator, policy entrepreneur and founder of Pragati magazine Nitin Pai put The Interpreter at number one in his top 5 blogs.


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