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Jose Sousa-Santos

Jose Sousa-Santos is a recognised expert on transnational crime, the crime–terror nexus, state/non-state security actors, and spoilers, and has more than twenty years’ experience working in conflict-affected regions.

As Managing Director of Strategika Group Asia Pacific, Ltd, a geopolitical risk-consultancy group, he works closely with regional governments and agencies, including as part of the executive educational cadre for United States Pacific Command, Special Operations Command for the Cooperation Against Transnational Threats, and Pacific Area Security Sector Working Group programs.

He has previously held roles with the United Nations, New Zealand Police, the Australian Army, and as Adviser to the Acting Prime Minister and President of Timor-Leste, His Excellency Dr Jose Ramos-Horta, and has worked with the humanitarian sector in conflict- and emergency-response roles.

Jose has presented and published widely on security issues in Asia and the Pacific and is a frequent media commentator. He holds a Masters of International Relations from Victoria University, Wellington, and works in a voluntary capacity on issues relating to veterans and post-traumatic stress disorder. 


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