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  • Quick Comment: PM Abbott's visit to India

    This week the Lowy Institute's International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf and Research Associate Danielle Rajendram discuss Prime Minister Tony Abbott's visit to India. The visit marked an acceleration of the Australia-India relationship, with a deal for Australia to sell India uranium and a pledge for closer strategic and economic ties. Photo courtesy of the Prime Minister's Office. Nirupam Gupta
  • How the Lowy Institute Poll works

    In conjunction with the release of the 2014 Lowy Institute Poll, Lowy Institute Poll Director Alex Oliver has recorded a podcast which explains the methodology used in the survey. Alex speaks  with Sol Lebovic, who has provided independent advice and technical support to the Lowy Institute over the last six years. Sol is one of Australia's most distinguished pollsters, founding Newspoll in 1985 and directing it for more than two decades.
  • Human rights: After the spring in Libya and Egypt

    Last week, the Lowy Institute hosted a roundtable examining human rights in the Middle East, which featured human rights defender Hassan al-Amin and Tirana Hassan from Human Rights Watch. Hassan al-Amin fled Libya to be a dissident in exile and returned as an elected member of parliament investigating human rights abuses by anti-Gaddafi militia groups.